Monday, September 6, 2010

Why do I feel the way I do?

Hello bloggers. I am going to start off today with a question. this is for you married people out there. when is enough is enough in a marriage. I mean what would be enough for you to get a divorce. Can we all just get along. I think if you have God in your marriage and your family and friends out of your marriage. your marriage will be successful no doubt. i just found out that tow of my cousins are on there way to divorce court. now this is coming from both male and females point of views. my female cousin is divorcing her husband over domestic violence, which is sad and alarming but at the same time i do understand the reasoning behind it. OK i also have a male cousin that his wife just left him for his violent temper. this is sad to me again but at 6the same time i still understand why she is leaving him too. I do not condone putting you hands on a woman or vice averse. I wish they could work it out but again i understand for the divorce but I just wish there were some way that they could work things out.

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  1. Althea - it sounds like there are people in both situations who can't work things out without violence. Very sad, but it seems like divorce is a positive in both cases.