Tuesday, September 28, 2010

is this the end?

well bloggers we are in week 9 of my assignment, but that does not mean that i will stop writing and posting to my blog and i hope you all don't stop reading. i and sad but At the same time excited to becoming to an end of another semester. I had the pleasure of having a wonderful professor or at least I thought she was great, but that is what this blog is all about and that is my opinion

Monday, September 20, 2010

Is There Enough Time?

Hello blogers, my question to you. is there enough time and what i mean by that is there enough time in a day t study, to finish your work, to finish the cleaning and the cooking and being the single parent that you are if you are single. it seems that our life can be so demanding without all of the daily pressures of the the world today. well let me tell yo about the last five days in my life have been anything except easy. i am so tired. i have been sick but while i am ill i had to travel to North Carolina with my mother to handle business of a moving violation that she received when we were down there in July for my cousin's funeral. unfortunately for me i was and still sick. I have bronchitis. so i am trying to get well at the same time handle my business and keep up with my class assignments. this week seems impossible for me. i am not getting well in fact not getting my proper rest seems to be prolonging my illness. i am sick and i am tired and i feel very week and i am running out of time to finish my assignments in both classes. and by the way i do have a to do list and a time management sheet, but when you are sick it does not allow time for that. what do you all think?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's my birth day and I can cry if I want to

Hello bloggers. Today is not a good day for me I am a little under the weather. I have been out sick all week since my birthday on 09/08/10. that is so messed up to be sick on the day that you are suppose to be partying. I have always worked on my birthday. I have never had an awesome birth day to remember. I almost hate to see it come. oh it's not because i am turning a year older but it is because it seems that if it was not for bad i would have no luck at all. how dose the rest of the world feel on their birthdays?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Why do I feel the way I do?

Hello bloggers. I am going to start off today with a question. this is for you married people out there. when is enough is enough in a marriage. I mean what would be enough for you to get a divorce. Can we all just get along. I think if you have God in your marriage and your family and friends out of your marriage. your marriage will be successful no doubt. i just found out that tow of my cousins are on there way to divorce court. now this is coming from both male and females point of views. my female cousin is divorcing her husband over domestic violence, which is sad and alarming but at the same time i do understand the reasoning behind it. OK i also have a male cousin that his wife just left him for his violent temper. this is sad to me again but at 6the same time i still understand why she is leaving him too. I do not condone putting you hands on a woman or vice averse. I wish they could work it out but again i understand for the divorce but I just wish there were some way that they could work things out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loosing A Love One

Hello bloggers! I wish I could say that I am in good spirits today, but that would be a lie. You know have you ever heard of the saying when it rains it pours. You know just when you thought you have it bad there is someone who has it worse. I was crying and complaining about my little issues when I found out my father is dying of cancer. I am the oldest out of six children. none of my siblings knew. one of my brothers found out accidentally by his mother because he is in the navy and was scheduled to leave Friday to go overseas. All of my dad's siblings knew but he made them promise not to tell us. Now what kind of promise is that. Why would he not tell his children. I mean he told is brother and sisters so why not his kids. that is the question why would someone keep a secret like that from their kids?