Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's my birth day and I can cry if I want to

Hello bloggers. Today is not a good day for me I am a little under the weather. I have been out sick all week since my birthday on 09/08/10. that is so messed up to be sick on the day that you are suppose to be partying. I have always worked on my birthday. I have never had an awesome birth day to remember. I almost hate to see it come. oh it's not because i am turning a year older but it is because it seems that if it was not for bad i would have no luck at all. how dose the rest of the world feel on their birthdays?


  1. Althea,

    The way I see it, your birthday is everyday. My official birthday is November 13th, but I celebrated it on Saturday, with my husband and niece. We all did a tandem skydive in celebration of my 50th birthday!! Not only that, I will be celebrating the rest of the year. So do not let bad luck soil your birthday...celebrate life one day at a time!!!

    I'm singing to you, Lol!!

    Hap-py Birth-day to yah, Hap-py Birth-day to yah, Happy Birthday!!!

    Now start celebrating Althea!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Althea. You have to do the best you can everyday.