Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hiatal Hernia what is that anyway!

Hello blogger, how is everyone today. I hope you are better than I am today. Today I am sore, tired, and my bottom is iterated. I had a very nice procedure today. In fact I had two procedures today one was an endoscopy and a cloudscape. One of my many diagnoses was what they call a hiatal hernia. What is that. well I did some research and this is what I found take a look and then you can tell me what do you think. Go to YouTube and look up "How to identify and correct a hiatal hernia" then tell me if you think I should have surgery to correct this. Let me just tell you that my stomach hurts almost everyday and I have troubling swallowing water sometimes. can I leave with this pain and discomfort? What would you do?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

hello fellow bloggers. How is everyone doing today. Lets talk about what grinds yours gears. lol if anyone watches Family Guy then you know where I am going with this one. I hate it when you are at a light while driving and the car in front of you do not go when the light is green and decides to wait until the light is yellow to move. Leaving you stuck again at a red light. How about when you are at the grocery store and the person ahead of you states they forgot something and they will be right back and it's there turn to be rung up, and now you and the cashier is pissed off. Now what grinds your gears?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Late Late Late

Hello bloggers today i want to talk about being on time. what does that actually mean. who thought of that term on time. and who determines what it means to be late. you know i use to follow this old saying. it goese when your early your on time and when your on time your late and when your late you run. if you arrive to work or a function early does that mean your are too eager. tell me what do you think?