Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Men what do they want in a woman?

hello fellow blogger. I have a question or maybe it's advice that I am asking for. I have or had a male friend that I have only known for a little while since Feb 2010. He seemed OK at first he was single no kids and had a job. There were only two things that posed as a challenge to me which was his age and the distance to where he lived from me which the distance is not that big of a problem because I have a car and could drive to meet him. OK as our friendship grew I noticed he kept loosing things such as his apartment, job, money. All of those things that made him seem like a decent person with something going on. now he lost of of that but i stilled remained his friend but when i started to try and help him with jobs by giving him leads and asking him did you look for a job today. I was just trying to be supportive but he took it as nagging. Hey I am not the one without the job here and I was only trying to help or at least I thought. we shared some harsh words now he does not want to talk to me. was i wrong should i go back and apologize or should i say so long looser?


  1. Hey Althea, I would just leave it alone. It's not yours to tried to help. There's no need to apologize, except if it's coming from him.

    Chin-up!! :^)


  2. Hi Althea, I would have to agree with Cynthia. If it is not benefiting you and it is hurting you in the long run just stay away. You have tried and there is nothing else you can do. You shouldn't worry about it because there are some people out there that you can help and all they do is use you and it is not worth it. Believe me it took me tones of times to figure that out my self.


  3. I might be young but one thing I know about guys is they prefer distance and time over a lot of things. That might not be all men but definitely most! I'm sure it'll all work out and once he gets back on track to where he wants to be he'll thank you for trying to help him out.

    Shanell Rae :)